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Subscriber Benefits / Subscribe Online
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Member ($200)
  • One ticket for each concert in the series—a $45 savings*
  • Acknowledgment in Music Guild programs

Subscriber ($375)
  • Two tickets for each concert in the series—a $115 savings*
  • Acknowledgment in Music Guild programs

Sponsor ($500) Above benefits plus…
  • Wine and hors d’oeuvres reception at a private club in October with Dwayne Milburn
  • Invitation to occasional Meet the Artist Receptions

Silver Patron ($750) Above benefits plus…
  • Gala Opening Night Supper in a beautiful private home
  • Additional complimentary tickets for select concerts (subject to availability)

Gold Patron ($1,000) Above benefits plus…
  • Credited as underwriters of one major concert of the season
  • End of the season lunch with Dwayne Milburn, members of the Chamber Orchestra and Board

Angel ($2,500) Above benefits plus…
  • Angel subscribers are acknowledged as Orchestra Chair Underwriters
  • May soirée in a private home with catered supper and a performance by members of the Chamber Orchestra

Seraphim & Archangel ($5,000) Above benefits plus…
  • The satisfaction of providing world-class music and significant musical outreach

*Single tickets $35 at the door. Seven (7) concerts x $35 = $245 for one full season. Two tickets = $490.

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Archangel (Capital Gifts)

We gratefully acknowledge the following persons who, over the years, have made major capital gifts to St. Matthew’s Church and Music Guild and whose generosity has thereby significantly enhanced the musical life of St. Matthew’s Parish and the larger community.

  • William & Kathy Bitting
  • Patricia Oppenheim
  • J. Douglas & Marian Pardee
  • Hoyt S. Pardee (deceased) and Viorica Pardee
  • Martha Newman Ragland (deceased)
  • Peter & Susan Tortorici
  • Ralph & Mary Waycott (deceased)

St. Matthew’s Music Guild Subscribers and Supporters

Seraphim ($5000+)

  • Anonymous Corporate Gift
  • Hal & Maribeth Borthwick
    Concertmaster Chair Sponsors
  • Charles and Jessie Cale
  • Los Angeles County Arts Commission
  • MacTon Foundation
  • St. Matthew’s Music Guild Endowment Fund

Angel ($2500+)

  • Anonymous
  • William & Kathy Bitting
    Principal Cello Chair Sponsors
  • Lynne Brickner & Jerry Gallard
    Principal Oboe Chair Sponsors
  • Bryan and Mary Conley
    Principal Trumpet Chair Sponsors
  • Phil & Robin Darrow
    In honor of Anita Darrow
    Principal Viola Chair Sponsors
  • Cindy Dunne
    In memory of Glenn Ossiander
    Principal Bassoon Chair Sponsor
  • Geoffrey Moyer
    In loving memory of Mary Lynn Moyer
    Principal Bass Chair Sponsor
  • Margaret L. Neenan
    Principal Clarinet Chair Sponsor
  • Viorica Pardee
    In memory of Hoyt St. Pardee
    Organ and Piano Chair Sponsor

Gold Patron ($1000+)
Bill & Barbara Blatt
Robert & Brenda Brown
John & Catherine Carrick
Karen Chorney & Tom Lane
Steven & Cheryl Crowe
Aldo Cos & Greg Pottie
Anne K. Costin
Don & Tam Dickerson
Fred & Sarah Doering
Gordon & Karen Dressler
Robert Finnerty & Richard Cullen
David & Ann Gooding
Peter & Elizabeth Goulds


William & Nona Greene
Bob & Ann Harter
Daryn & Bill Horton
Pat and John Jakle
Richard & Heidi Landers
For Education Outreach
Tom & Robin Neenan
Mrs. Hoyt S. Pardee
Carl & June Phelps
Kent & Joan Sather
Susan Siphron
George & Ann Smith
Dick Van Duzer
William and Sally Wallace
Charles & Jean Warner

Silver Patron ($750+)

Kenneth & Jane Anderson
Lawrence H. Damm
Peter Dubrawski
John Graham & Margaret Fetter
Diane Guyett
In loving memory of Bob Guyett
Judy & Steaven Jones
Elizabeth and Dan Keatinge
Bev Lowe & John Riley


Wayne & Judith Marcus
Lawry & Charlie Meister
Vance & Patricia Meyer
Margaret Miller
John & Judy O’Reilly
Carl Spring
Dorry & Michael Tooke
Klaas & Dede Vlietstra
Cheryl & Peter Zomber

Sponsor ($500+)

Tom & Sarah Adams
Liz Ames
John & Sheridan Bentson
Elizabeth Brooks
Margaret Bushee
Ann Graham Ehringer
Bruce & Dana Freeman
Frank & Kathleen Summerland Heuser
Chris & Mary Ellen Kanoff
Ann Kerr
Mary Lou and Bill Loper
John Martineau
Clark & Audrey McQuay

  James & Eleanore Meyer
David & Sarah Miller
James & Anabell Montgomery
Alice & Dick Muntz
Mary & Weston Naef
Karen and Brett Murphy O’Brien
Leo and Marian Orr
Christine Purcell
Christie Smith
Vicki Warren
In memory of John Warren
Sam Williams
Jane Wingfield & Vincent Narcisi
Rob Wood & Colleen McAndrews Wood

Subscriber ($375+)

Joe & Fran Aponte
Arthur Barlow & Judith Jonas
Miranda Brocki
Nicholas Brown and Gabriella Taylor
Gayla Claes
Carolyn Cohen
Peter Crosby & Janet Davis
Bob & Evelyn Fowlks
Julian & Joann Ganz
Chuck & Alison Gardner
Karen Giles
Nancy Goubran
Terry Hall and Marilou Terpenning
Wally & Maida Hastings
Mac & Carolyn Holmes
John & Barbara Ingram
Louvenia Jenkins
David & Jennifer Kanaar
Ann Kelly & George Soneff
Katherine Kiefer
Paul Kruger & Val Holwerda
Sue and Dave Landers
Sara Latz
Don & Mary Lloyd
Teresa McCarty & John Martin
Courtney MacDonald


Chris & Pam McGranahan
Robert & Judy McInturff
Harry and Jacquie McMahon
Robert & Noel Merz
Nicole & Michael Montgomery
Carol Morava
Cynthia Mothersole
Guilford Robinson
Kenneth Roehrs & Sara McGah
Thomas Rohlf
Chris & Mandy Roscoe
Ira & Maureen Roth
Marilyn & Eric Schmitter
Charles & Carol Smith
Linda N. Smith
James Suhr & Wendy Alkire Suhr
Christine d’Arc Taylor
Gayle Taylor
Shelley Taylor
Nick & Kathryn Togia
Reva & Bill Tooley
David & Nancy von Oeyen
Ann Wang
Marianne Weil
Merilie Whited
Jane Wykoff
Mary & Jerry Zinser

Member ($200+)

Jacquelyn Anderson
Nancy Bryan
Claire Carpenter
Helen Cranmer
Ann Cruchley
Susan Deness
Patricia Devin
Rebecca Engola
Jean Enns
Anita Foxman
Linda Gager
Carole Gibson
Linda Grant
Patricia Griffith
Heather Hanunian
Carolyn Leacock
Elisabeth Luttgens

  Fred Manaster
Kathy May
Margaret Stewart McCourt
Linda Moffit
Marcy Moore
George Orr
Marilyn Pecsok
Diane Piskulik
Dorothy Richards
Jeff Richards
Chris Schetter
Fred Simmons
Elizabeth Troy
Phoebe Vaccaro
Christopher van Scoyk
Susanna Walters
Roger K. Woods
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